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Aralea is dedicated to providing vital information, instruction, services, products, and tools that empower you to optimize your entire life. Our primary objective is to help you make the positive changes needed for a happier, healthier you. People are multidimensional and it is essential to promote a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to wellness.

We all have unique physiologies, preferences, and needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” dietary or wellness plan perfect for everyone. Aralea offers tools that enable you to design your own personalized nutrition and physical activity plan.

Dealing with doctors and hospitals can be overwhelming and frightening, especially when you are ill. We share valuable suggestions for navigating the medical maze including how to find the best doctors, facilities and treatments; important questions to ask your healthcare providers; and insurance matters. We have made available free materials that make it easier for you to manage and keep records of medical visits, prescriptions, and vaccinations. Safety, First-Aid and emergency guides are also supplied to help you and your loved ones stay healthy and protected.

Aralea serves a community of all ages and life stages. Whether it be the hero in your household or a famous celebrity, we want to spotlight exceptional people on their optimal health and living journey. We are eager to hear your stories, feedback, and ideas. “Laughter is music for the soul”.  We invite you to share and connect. Send in your funniest and most inspiring stories and videos. Your input is needed to make fun and entertaining as well as educational and supportive.

Aralea offers content from highly respected, authoritative sources. We use the latest and best evidence-based research in science, medicine, health, and consumer products. Knowledge is power. The better informed you are, the better you will be able to manifest your optimal life.

Aralea highlights people and stories that touch the heart and warm the soul. We all need to cultivate inner peace and strength. We all need hope in order to flourish and rise above life’s difficult challenges. Aralea emphasizes “Good News” and examples of courage, faith, love, and compassion to uplift and inspire.

Aralea provides information and tools that empower you to transform your life, attain cherished dreams, and reach your highest potential. Your goals may be big or small, long or short-term. Our content is designed to maximize successful achievement of your health and personal goals.

Aralea facilitates living a joyful life full of passion and gratitude. We emphasize living authentically and appreciating the gifts that life has to offer. Happiness is yours to cultivate. We encourage you to embrace your bliss and celebrate your blessings.


  • Mind-Body-Spirit health and wellness, holistic lifestyle
  • Diet, nutrition, superfoods
  • Healthy, delicious recipes
  • Fitness, exercise
  • Medicine and medical news (traditional, complementary, alternative and integrative),
  • Green-sustainable living, organics, gardening
  • Spiritual growth and personal empowerment
  • Emotional well-being, self love and acceptance
  • Stress management
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Overcoming bad habits and addictions
  • Safety, First-Aid and emergency guidance
  • Healthy relationships and communication
  • Pets, animals
  • Community, volunteerism and philanthropy


Dr. Shawna Lattimore (Ph.D.) CEO

Dr. Shawna Lattimore has a Ph. D in Psychoeducational Processes. Her special interests include mind-body-spirit wellness, personal growth and green living. She has a passion for genealogy, cooking and music.

Dr. Bernice Goll (O.D.) COO

Dr. Bernice Goll is an optometrist in clinical practice since 1991. She loves learning new things and hopes to always stay curious about the world. Her favorite past-times are yoga, photography/art and spending time with loved ones.