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Bollywood Style Video


Aralea – Bollywood Style Official Video


Song: Bollywood Style

Album: Aralea Dance Around the World

Artist: Aralea

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See our Bollywood Style Line Dance Instruction Video

Dance around the world with us, “Bollywood Style” on this breathtaking whirlwind tour of over 65 beautiful locations around the globe.

“Bollywood Style” is a club remix of our “Snake Charmer, Belly Dance Song” track from our Dance Around the World album.

The “Bollywood Style” song and a choreographed Bollywood style line dance were created in appreciation of the many hours spent mesmerized by the spectacular beauty of Bollywood films, despite not understanding a single word.

Bollywood Style Video

Director, Producer         Shawna Lattimore, Ph,D.

Producer, Editor             Bernice Goll, O.D.

Editor                               Ryan C. Lattimore

Most of the beautiful images in our video were obtained from